Addo Sand Sledding Boards

“ASS” Boards

Addo Sand Sleds – (ASS) are a one of a kind sand sled manufactured in the Eastern Cape. Our ASS boards/sleds are designed to give the user a safe; exhilarating and mind blowing glide down a dune, age is not applicable here. As long as you can climb to the summit of the dune with your ASS board – you’re going to have a mind blowing ride down the slopes.

Addo Sand Sleds (ASS) make premium sleds/sand boards with quality timber frames and the best material available. High gloss Formica bases ensure durability, sleekness and a long life. Our registered fin/skeg technology prevents the natural tendency for a board to rotate causing the rider to tumble down the dune. The fins/skegs also help keep the board in a straight trajectory down the dune. The user of one of our sand sleds is assisted by the framework of the sled and the specially angled nose, ensuring a safe decent down the slope of the dune without the user trying to steer the sled.

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Addo Sand Sleds/ASS Boards are the ideal boards for the adventurous adrenaline seeking junkies – letting you chase the sunshine and good times. Now available in South Africa in a range of colours, there’s sure to be an ASS sled/board to match your unique style. Embrace the ASS lifestyle, join in the fun and find your favourite ASS sand sled. Order Now.

ASS sand sleds specifically designed for soft sand dunes such as the ones found on beaches – The design provides the best sliding experience on a beach sand dune that you will ever experience.

Our boards are so safe that it is almost impossible to bail. Although it is unlikely that you will bail, please always be safety conscious and wear a helmet if you want to. Goggles and bandanas are available so that you can keep your eyes open and scream your lungs out as you traverse major dunes.

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Placing Your Order

Boards are manufactured on request and require approx. 3 days turn around time per board.

All orders need to be confirmed by email before manufacturing begins. To place your order send us an email at, please include the amount of boards you would like to order in the initial email to reduce the waiting period between confirmation and manufacturing. An email confirmation from us with the approx. waiting period and a fee will be sent back to you.